Meyer Health Campus

An internationally-oriented university campus for pediatric education.

Location: Florence
Services provided: Final and executive design of the multimedia system for the entire campus. Architectural acoustics design for university classrooms. Project management. Test & Commissioning.
Architectural project: Rossi and Prodi Associates

Located amidst the hills of Florence, the new campus dedicated to university education in pediatrics is divided into:

  • 2 auditoriums
  • 8 classrooms
  • 1 centralized control room
  • Surgical simulation rooms

Our company handled the final and executive design of the multimedia system and infrastructure for the entire campus. In particular, the system includes a centralized control room from which all functions of the university classrooms, the two auditoriums, and the pediatric surgical simulation rooms can be controlled and monitored. The audio-video system involves overIP transmission over a properly sized LAN network with a 10Gb uplink for all rooms. For the auditoriums, a hybrid overIP/point-to-point solution was adopted to simplify the management and integration of the system for highly structured “live” events handled by external services. The infrastructure of the auditoriums, which includes an additional control room for the main hall, is extensive and involves the distribution of a wide variety of signals, including Ethernet, multimode optical fiber, DMX, SDI video, loudspeakers, and analog audio.
Particular attention has been given to implementing control and redundancy strategies for the equipment, given the specific application context.

Cavea also handled the internal acoustics design of the university classrooms to optimize speech intelligibility for students and maximize the capture of specific “beam forming” microphones, which are significantly influenced by the acoustic performance of the environments.