Product Description

Inner is the junction between furniture and multimedia, designed and patented by Cavea Engineering. Our invention concerns a recessed configurable multimedia workstation for various use scenarios, including stages, classrooms, and control rooms. This multimedia workstation offers several innovative and functional features that make it unique, including a storage space of less than 200 mm in the compact version, and 500 mm for the complete version.

Innovative Features

In the open configuration, the first door features at least one screen on the inner face facing the front. This allows for an advanced multimedia experience. Meanwhile, the second door serves as a support and stepping surface for the user, offering versatile use and complying with the load requirements of current regulations, 500 Kg/sqm.

Wiring Organization

The front panel delimits one or more cavities that house a plurality of electrical wiring connected to various electronic/multimedia devices, electrical connection sockets, and data connection sockets. This arrangement facilitates access and connection to devices, significantly improving operational efficiency.

Thanks to these features, our multimedia workstation represents an innovative and functional solution for a wide range of applications, offering an advanced multimedia experience and simplifying the management of wiring and connections.


The product allows for a wide choice of finishes:

  • Textile coverings
  • Laminates
  • Melamines
  • Wood essences
  • Lacquered panels
  • Metal

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