Auditorium THSN

Auditorium designed by David Chipperfield for Generali and located inside the Procuratie Vecchie in Piazza San Marco.

Location: Venice
Services provided: Final design of the multimedia system and architectural acoustics. Project management. Carried out in collaboration with Manens Spa.
Architectural project:

The multiplicity of functions of the hall has required the study of specific solutions, with a particularly rich provision of technological equipment. The ceiling configuration suggested the adoption of custom-designed multimedia tracks suspended from the beams for general lighting, allowing for a rational installation of motorized projectors, cameras, and acoustic speakers.
To calibrate the behavior of the hall for different types of events, rollable acoustic absorbers (banners) have been installed on the walls, which can be deployed as needed in various configurations. For live music, a generally high reverberation is required, while for amplified sound – for example, a soundtrack – the reflections from the walls should not interfere with the effects of reproduction.

The versatility of the hall and its particular vocation for “live” events required a dedicated scenotechnical lighting system that allows shaping the light on the stage during conferences and at the same time enables the creation of scenic visual effects for concerts or gala dinners.

The audio distribution system of the multipurpose hall is designed to sound for all types of events. The system is quite elaborate and consists of a line of “main” stereophonic speakers and their corresponding “delay” lines placed halfway through the hall; the frequency response of the system is extended by two moveable subwoofers on wheels that can be connected in the hall as needed. To enhance the spatial perception of the front rows and create a coherent sound image with the position of speakers or artists on stage, “front-fill” speakers are also installed, which can be used as audio monitors. A series of “point source” speakers placed on the sides and at the back of the hall, along with the left, right, and center channels placed around the perimeter of the LED wall, allow the creation of sound effects in accordance with Dolby 7.1-channel Surround technology.