Infloor table

During our activity, we have identified a clear need in almost every project we have been involved in. Areas dedicated to dissemination, whether stages or platforms, have scenographic requirements in constant evolution and must adapt to flexibility.

Tables, typically customized in design, should not be an obstacle for other types of events where speakers need to move freely on stage or sit in chairs. The most commonly requested configurations are:

  • Speaker’s table
  • Single or double podium
  • Talk show
  • TED® talk

The main limitations to flexibility are:
1) Furniture:

  • Identification of suitable spaces for storing unused tables.
  • Organization of teams dedicated to relocation.
  • Maintenance of the quality of the asset over time, considering each movement as a potential risk to the finishes.

2) Management of wiring and technologies:

  • Possible damage to cables and connectors
  • Unqualified personnel to act on multimedia equipment
  • Lack of wiring diagrams

3) Time management:

  • Scheduling assembly and disassembly interventions

Cavea has designed and patented products capable of overcoming the identified limitations, achieving:

  • Storage space for the table below the floor with variable heights from 200 to 600mm
  • Minimization of effort for handling
  • Maintenance of finish quality over time, eliminating the possibility of damage during movements
  • Integrated audio, video, control, and power connectivity
  • Management of wiring inside the table with separation between signals and power
  • Integration of 19” rack units inside the table
  • Easy access for equipment maintenance
  • Transition times from flush floor to raised table from 2 to 10 minutes

The products are available for purchase from authorized dealers.
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