Design Studios

We support professionals in the design of auditoriums, theaters, multipurpose halls, cinemas, conference centers, educational halls, and, in general, all projects that require a high level of integrated design between architecture, acoustics, multimedia systems, and stage technology.

Public Administration

We specialize in the design of theaters, auditoriums, council chambers, lecture halls, and classrooms.
We have gained significant experience in the refitting and modernization of historic venues with high architectural and system constraints. We test installed technologies, strive to understand what can be incorporated into a new project to limit the natural obsolescence of technologies, and revise it based on the available budget or functional requirements.


We provide consultancy to Corporate clients in the design of auditoriums, meeting rooms, hybrid workspaces, control rooms, and common areas, paying particular attention to aspects related to brand identity and data security.

Audiovisual Industry

We offer our support to system integrators, service providers, distributors, and vendors, providing a range of highly specialized services that include executive design, advanced programming (both in audio and control systems), and targeted business consultations to create synergy between furniture, acoustics, flexibility, and automation.