Auditorium Corporate

Auditorium for corporate events at the Headquarters of the Multinational.

Location: Treviso
Services provided: Final and executive design of the multimedia and scenotechnical system. Project management.
Architectural project: Signorotto & Partners

The client’s objective was to equip the new Headquarters with an auditorium where versatility and flexibility could coexist with the dual nature of events:

  • Events with external setups and resources such as services and dedicated scenographies
  • Meetings, events, conferences, lectures, and courses managed by internal staff with simplified interfaces and automations

The multimedia technology project fully met the requirements, creating connection points at various locations in the room, American hanging points, and hidden distribution of the signal with concealed PLBs.
The stage area is equipped with an automated retractable table, manually movable, for the speakers’ area that allows the following configurations:

  • Wired table workstation for 4 people
  • Talk show with armchairs and feedback monitors
  • Fully open stage for speeches or debates with a double podium
  • Having a completely flat room for exhibitions or banquets

The reconfigurations do not require any network or power cable connections because the table contains the internal wiring and allows simplified interventions if necessary. The table reconfiguration time, from closed to raised, is approximately a couple of minutes.
The manual retractable seating system includes chairs divided into groups of 3 and 4 seats. The reconfiguration time for a 4-seat block is 40 seconds. Within the scenotechnical project, there are also manual automations for front-fill speakers, allowing them to disappear beneath the floor.