Kursaal Santa Lucia Theatre

An ambitious multipurpose theater in the heart of Puglia.

Location: Bari
Services provided: Executive design in collaboration with Decima Srl and Cobar Spa for the multimedia system. Project management. Test & Commissioning.
Architectural project: Associated studio Fuzio

The Kursaal Theater represents an ambitious project with unique spatial flexibility and multiple configurations of the hall. From theater to cinema, to a concert hall, to creative exhibitions, it also offers advanced technological support to inspire future creativity.

Key features of the project include:

  • Scenotechnics with International Level Safety Standards: The theater complies with S.I.L. 3 safety level.
  • Multimedia technologies dedicated to theatrical performances, digital DCI cinema, and conferences.
  • Infrastructure serving multimedia and scenotechnical systems allows for any setup: Power Lighting Boxes (PLB) offer maximum versatility, efficiently distributing power and signals in an organized manner.
  • Multipoint control: in the hall, on the stage, in the orchestra pit.
  • Professional Light Control: The sophisticated control system, Paradigm, allows dynamic changes to stage, hall, and service lights.
  • Historical Preservation: Historical chandeliers are restored with special LED bulbs that recreate the atmosphere of tungsten filament lamps, with DMX control for precise and efficient dimming.
  • Adaptability and Simplification: Simplified controls for different operators and multiple control stations to personalize the theatrical experience.