Infloor seating

Cavea Engineering is proud to play the role of technical-commercial reference for the most important companies producing automation systems for auditoriums, theaters, multipurpose spaces, and conference halls.

Cavea serves as the meeting and discussion hub among specialists in the automation sector, including:

  • Manufacturers of lifting systems, which allow a venue to transition from a stepped configuration to a flat configuration, or from a sloped configuration – to improve visibility for spectators – to one suitable for banquets.
  • Manufacturers of seat movement systems, which allow seats to be hidden beneath the floor.
  • Manufacturers of mobile stages and compact tribunes.

Over the years, the world of furniture has found various solutions to meet these types of demands: systems on wheels, those designed to avoid fixings, have been adaptations capable of addressing or limiting flexibility or versatility issues. However, the real breakthrough came with the so-called modules, machinery capable of “making disappear,” archiving chairs beneath the floor.

The modules are elements, whether manual or motorized, that allow chairs to be hidden under the floor through a series of rotations and levers.
The operation is linked to an ordered sequence of movements.
Image containing sketch, white, design, chair

With this technology, it is possible to create modular spaces by adapting the seating arrangements based on the specific needs of the event: conferences

  • training sessions
  • musical performances
  • workshops
  • banquets
  • parties

A room with 99 auditorium seats installed can accommodate up to 300 standing people for an event, fully leveraging the installed audio and video technologies. The transformation time will vary from 5 minutes in the motorized version to 25 minutes in the manual movement version.