Auditorium Casa Ferrero

Premium auditorium for corporate events of Ferrero Spa.

Location: Luxembourg
Services provided: Final and executive design of the infrastructure serving the multimedia system. Project management for the entire contract, including the stage technology.
Architectural project: Archiland by Prof. Arch. Paolo Maldotti, a candidate for the Compasso d’Oro 2023.

The main auditorium of Casa Ferrero has been designed as an innovative, welcoming, dynamic, multimedia, and highly technological meeting space that complements the work excellence of the headquarters.
The purpose of the project was to create an iconic place, a flexible, technologically advanced, comfortable, acoustically performing, and functional space.
Thanks to cutting-edge automations and audio/video technologies, it can assume various configurations to maximize its use.
The Auditorium features a sophisticated movable floor by Decima, where the synchronized movement of 168 linear actuators creates theater-style tiers or, when automatically lowered, levels to offer a completely flat space suitable for workshops, meetings, or hosting exhibitions and events. The floor is made up of manually operated modules that allow the hall to configure the number of seats based on the event or make them disappear to make the room available for various uses.
The technological aspect has been at the forefront of the project to ensure perfect communicative and environmental comfort. The hall is equipped with a 330″ 4K LED screen and is supported by a high-performance audio system designed by Cavea.
The control room allows the management of any type of audio/video contribution and ensures connections with Ferrero’s locations worldwide